Time & Attendance

Simple, affordable time & attendance solutions will reduce your labor costs and take the pain out of managing employee time. You want ease-of-use and budget-friendly, with features that make life easier for your growing business. That’s just what we do! Collecting time for payroll becomes the easy part for you and your employees. Clock in via mobile app, computer, PIN, badge card, key fob, fingerprint, hand geometry or phone.

A ‘right-fit solution’ for small to medium sized businesses, managing employee time doesn’t get much easier than this. You’ll love discovering that there is an easier way to manage time.

Time & Attendance Solutions

  • Plug and play time clocks
  • Simple staff tutorials
  • Automate time card collection and editing
  • Understand your labor with real-time reports

Employer Benefits

  • Reduce payroll costs and employee-related paperwork
  • Payroll is always done on time, while accurately addressing all related taxes and verification needs
  • Payroll administration (bookkeeping, tax deposits and employee forms) is time-consuming.  Let us do what we do best so you can do what you do best.
  • Conveniently manage employees and exceptions
  • Save time by automating how you track employees